Bad Bunny showed his generous side when he invited a young Uvalde survivor to his concert recently and donated money towards a new home for the young girl.

Ten-year-old Mayah Nicole Zamora was brought backstage to meet the famous rapper. They can be seen in an Instagram photo together, the pair smiling ear to ear.

After the mass shooting at the Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, Mayah spent 66 days in the hospital.

The young survivor discovered that she lived only streets away from the Robb Elementary shooter. With this information, she found it too difficult to return home.

Zamora endured 20 surgeries while in the hospital for multiple gunshot wounds but pulled through and was lauded by the nurses and doctors for her bravery. To thank the hospital staff, Zamora gave out roses to each person who helped her.

At the Houston Astros vs. Minnesota Twins baseball game last month, Zamora was presented as “hero of the month” and threw the first pitch. She was then told that the Correa Family Foundation was planning to fund a new home for her and her family. Bad Bunny’s own organization the Good Bunny Foundation assisted CFF with the project.

“We have secured the funding to build Mayah and her family a new home in a location where she feels safe and comfortable,” the Correa Family Foundation wrote on their Instagram. “We hope this will be an opportunity for Mayah and her family to rebuild their lives, make new memories, and look towards a bright future.”

Through the Good Bunny Foundation, Bad Bunny has given upwards of a million dollars to numerous charities and causes.

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