Ex-Bachelorette star Chad Johnson was hospitalized Saturday due to a string of scary social media posts, which alerted police that he might be a danger to himself after he was arrested for domestic violence and robbery.

Johnson posted two videos Friday night. One where he blared the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel while he showed a table with a bottle cap and a rope. It was the same rope he used in a post earlier in the day that appeared to show a noose tied to a door frame. In another video, you heard Johnson say “I have no choice,” with his arm leaning on a door.

Police arrived at Johnson’s home Saturday morning after they received a call about a man threatening to commit suicide, E News reported. He was taken to a local hospital for a “medical emergency,” where he was found to be uninjured.

Saturday afternoon, Johnson posted a picture from what appeared to be his home with the caption: “I’m okay. Things are fine. I love you. You’ll be great. Life is going to be okay. Forgive yourself. Let go.”

Johnson had posted the noose-like picture to his Instagram story on Friday afternoon with the caption “it’ll be okay.” A friend called for a welfare check, but police decided Johnson was not a threat to himself at that time. Once the two later videos mentioned above were posted, the police brought Johnson to the hospital.

On Sunday at 4 a.m. Johnson tweeted: “You timed this entire thing. You started posting dancing videos. You started marketing your nudes. You did all of this thinking it would help you get recognition. All you had to do was hug me. You destroyed my life and it didn’t even workout for you.”

He is presumably talking about his ex-girlfriend Annalise Mishler, who he allegedly slapped and screamed at before his arrest for domestic violence and robbery. An argument supposedly broke out between the two, and a neighbor called the police after reportedly seeing a man banging on a door and screaming Sunday. When the police arrived Johnson had already left, but officers saw that Mishler had red marks on her face. She said she had tried to call the police herself, but Johnson had thrown her phone. He allegedly returned later on Monday, and Mishler called the police again and he was arrested. Officers served Mishler a restraining order against Johnson.


Johnson was released on $100,000 bail, and is due back in court March 17.