The Bachelorette returned Monday night after Ian had started tearing into Kaitlyn Bristowe for being “shallow” and “surface level” – while telling the cameras that his ex was way “hotter” than the bachelorette and bragging about his other conquests.

‘The Bachelorette’ Recap

Now that Ian has excused himself from the competition, Kaitlyn can focus on the other men she was more into anyway, including surprise contestant Nick Viall. Shawn, who is convinced that what he has with Kaitlyn is the real thing, continues to be irked by Nick’s presence. He’s even more annoyed when Nick remains after the Rose Ceremony that sends Josh, the biggest Nick skeptic, home, as well as Justin. The remaining men get to pack their bags for a trip to Dublin.

The first one-on-one date in Ireland’s capital goes to none other than Nick. While Shawn and the others stewed back at the hotel with their jealousy and rage towards Nick growing every moment, Nick had an amorous date with the woman they’re all dating. In between their dating activities, Kaitlyn and Nick didn’t waste any chance to make out. The intimacy continued when Nick followed Kaitlyn into her hotel suite.

The next morning, Nick heads back to join the guys in the same clothes he was wearing the day prior. Kaitlyn tells the camera that while she doesn’t feel wrong about having sex with Nick, she’s concerned about how it will affect her relationships with the other guys she’s dating should they find out. Nick, for his part, acts relatively discrete, telling the men that they talked in the suite – and it was “intimate.”

For the group date, the Bachelorette went a bit morbid, holding a mock Irish wake in which Kaitlyn was the guest of honor, aka the deceased. Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn, Jared, Ben H. and Chris gulp down their Guinness and memorialize Kaitlyn, as she chills out in her casket. Of course, the men hved to share their fondness for Kaitlyn in limerick form.

During the group date cocktail party, Kaitlyn has a great time with Jared, whose limerick included the line, “I’m most certainly going to miss your old fat man laugh.” In the end, he was the guy who stood out from the rest and received the group date rose from Kaitlyn. Shawn, already flummoxed by Kaitlyn’s obvious affection for Nick, can’t stand to see another guy as legitimate competition for Kaitlyn’s heart. After spilling his feelings for her on his one-on-one date, he’s feeling super vulnerable and decides to go confront her in her hotel suite.

When Kaitlyn learns that Shawn wants to talk to her, she’s worried that he’s found out about her sleeping with Nick. She cries about how it was one mistake and about how she wouldn’t have done it had she known the drama it would cause with her other suitors. The episode ends before the two have their talk.


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