Emily Maynard, 26, has pressed the point again and again that the process of choosing her one true love is getting harder and harder as she has to make decisions and keep eliminating fellas who she thinks are decent enough to help take care of her daughter Ricki, 6.

After home town dates last week saw her send creepy Chris packing, Emily was down to the final three — bulging biceps Sean, racecar driving Arie, and sideways-hair Jef. This time around she took her remaining fellas to the Caribbean island of Curacao, where she offered them the awkward "overnight" cards. Yes, ladies and gentlemen — we're already there!

Surprisingly, only two contestants (that's right — they're still contestants) received invitations back to Bachelorette Emily's "Fantasy Suite," and one of them, Jef, opted not to stay all night, on the grounds it would be disrespectful to their families. If that didn't impress Emily, the sheer physical attraction she experienced with Arie did … at least enough to convince her that she shouldn't offer him an overnight card because she "didn't trust herself."

During the rose ceremony, it was Sean who got the thorns, as Emily, after again explaining how hard this decision was, sent him packing. Arie and Jef remain — one shoe-in since the beginning and one wild card. Which one is your money on?

Next week all the fellas will return to face off in The Men Tell All episode, airing Monday at 8 p.m.

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