As week six of ABC's The Bachelorette wrapped up, Emily Maynard had to get tough in the face of her oh-so-girly feelings. The end of the night saw her withhold a highly coveted rose from none other than smooth-talker Ryan in a move that shocked many — but no one more than Ryan himself, who had seemed to think he had Emily and that little southern-belle heart of hers in the bag.

But before the fated farewell, Emily took six of her remaining eight bachelors — Jef, Chris, Doug, Arie, John and Sean — on a group date that involved them picking up bows, arrows and cabers to recreate the Scottish Highland Games … in Croatia? (Just go with it.) What's more — they were all dressed in kilts. What's less — they had just gone to see a sneak peek of Pixar's new animated film, Brave — featuring the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Julie Walters — which was mentioned nonstop in the following scenes in an example of not-so-subtle product placement.

After an awkward, passionless and altogether painful one-on-one date with Travis (a.k.a. ostrich egg) during which he revealed that he hadn't been on a date since his former fiancee called off their engagement two years ago, Emily kicked him to the curb, revealing that she felt no spark between them.

And then, for the finale, Ryan, who obviously loves to hear himself talk so much that he doesn't listen to the things he says, also received a one-on-one date, but ended up lacking in the "on one" department. "I've been wanting to have Emily all to myself for awhile now and it feels great," Ryan said on the date. "This is the type of woman I can see myself with. This may be the woman God has chosen for me."

If so, God should have chosen some better lines for Ryan. "God makes a promise to give us great things in our life and you'd be a pretty good promise," he told Emily. "Like a trophy wife. Every man should believe his wife's a trophy."

But Emily wasn't impressed. "Trophies don't talk back," she said. And later, when she sent Ryan packing: "Sometimes I feel like when I'm around you, I feel the need to be perfect all the time. I don't want to be someone's mold, and be married because I fit into their mold," she said. "The top of my list would be a loving family and not a perfect one. That wasn't on yours." Ouch.

The other bachelors were thrilled to see Ryan depart, especially Jef, who told the camera, "I have never been prouder of that girl." Never … in the past six weeks? Next week Emily and her remaining bachelors will travel to Prague, and frontrunner Arie will reveal a deep, dark secret.

Catch The Bachelorette Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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