Patrick Jagodzinski vied for Andi Dorfman’s heart on the 10th season of The Bachelorette before he was sent packing in Week 5. Now that the show has wrapped, Jagodzinski is opening up about the experience and his take on how Dorfman's season ended.

Patrick Jagodzinski On 'The Bachelorette'

Jagodzinski, who has struggled to find love in Orange Country, had hoped to find it on The Bachelorette with Dorfman, even giving her a poem he had written during their time in Marseilles, France in a scene that never aired. “I had only been on group dates. I wanted to show her that there are so many different sides to me that you don’t know,” Jagodzinski told uInterview exclusively, adding with a laugh, “Her response the next day was sending me home.”

Though he was sent home early, Jagodzinski holds no hard feelings towards Dorfman or her fiancé Josh Murray. When asked if Murray was the right pick, Jagodzinski, who liked Murray right off the bat, said, “Absolutely.” He went on to say of the newly engaged pair: “They had this chemistry early on. And then watching the finale, seeing the look in [Josh's] eyes and the way he’s approaching everything…”

During the After the Finale Rose special, Jagodzinski also saw the more uncomfortable segment where the scorned Nick Viall confronted Andi about how she was intimate with him even though she knew she didn’t love him like he loved her. Diplomatically, Jagodzinski admitted, “It’s rough when anyone gets dumped, when anyone gets broken up with. A lot of emotions were running high. His emotions took charge over him. It’s not easy. Not only are you’re seeing your ex, but you’re seeing her on national TV.”

Jagodzinski Nominates Chris Soules For 'Bachelor'

Jagodzinski won’t be appearing on the booze-soaked debauchery that is Bachelor in Paradise, admitting it “could be a fun thing to do” but that he wasn’t “too clear on the premise.” He also doesn’t have any interest in becoming the next Bachelor star. He would, however, be more than happy to see Andi Dorfman’s third-runner up, Iowa farmer Chris Soules, take the job. “I think Chris is going to be the perfect fit,” said Jagodzinski, who’s spoken to Soules since filming wrapped on The Bachelorette. “He’s such a standup guy. I think he should do it.”

While the two Bachelor projects are off the table for Jagodzinksi, that doesn’t mean he’s content to return to working in advertising. “I’m going to be venturing out,” said Jagodzinksi, though stating that he can’t yet talk about what the ventures are. “It’s going to be exciting! It’s going to be a challenge.”

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