Bachelor in Paradise’s second episode began with the big reveal that Michelle Kujawa, who was eliminated last week, still has a chance at love – with one of the crewmembers – before jumping into the show’s other budding romances.

Michelle K. & Ryan Putz

Prior to the start of production, Michelle K. and a crewmember named Ryan Putz hit it off and, conveniently enough, were situated in adjoining rooms in a hotel. “You can only imagine where it went from there,” says Bachelor/Bachelorette/ Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison. Following the dalliance, Harrison and producers had apparently tried to catch Michelle K. on camera, but she wasn’t having it. After Michelle K. was booted from the competition, she received some comfort back in her hotel room from Ryan. When a knock sounded at the door, Ryan – fearing more producers and perhaps the loss of his job – leapt from the second-story balcony of Michelle’s room, breaking bones in his legs in the process.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap

As for the couples that still have a chance at winning Bachelor in Paradise, the current couples are as follows: Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, Graham Bunn and AshLee Frazier and Dylan Petit and Elise Mosca. Sarah Herron, Clare Crawley, Ben Scott, Robert Graham, Marquel Martin and Michelle Money’s status’s are less certain. And, as if there wasn’t already enough competition, in walks Chris Bukowski. Chris. B. decides to make a play for Clare and invites her on a date to the spa.

Back at the hotel, Lacy and Marcus are all over each other, which irritates Robert. Putting salt in the wounds is the fact that Marcus gets the next date card. Elise had been hoping for the card too, as she’d like to get things moving with Dylan, whom she believes she’s already in love with and hopes to continue to date after the show wraps – despite it only being Week 2. Also already professing his love is Marcus, who tells Lacy she’s far from being a rebound following his heartbreak with Andi Dorfman.

As the sun goes down, the drinks start flowing, leading to some debauchery on the beach. After making out with Clare, Michelle M. licks Ben’s face. Elise, who feels spurned by Dylan, decides to hit on Chris B., who happily follows her into the ocean for some making out. The following day, Elise admits her dalliance with Chris. B. to Dylan, who is noticeably irritated and tells Elise not to give him a rose later.

Zack Kalter, who competed on Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette, is the latest to join the group. Like Chris B., he chooses Clare for his first date. Chris B. has already moved on to Elise, believing that he will be able to completely win her over from Dylan and secure the rose from her. That might be even easier than he was expecting, as Dylan chooses to take Sarah out with his date card. But, Elise is still convinced that Dylan still has feelings for her.

Elsewhere, Marcus “accidentally” spills water on Ben’s backpack while brushing his teeth. Then, he and Marquel “accidentally” comes across a love note in Ben’s bag from a mystery woman. Afterwards, Marcus and Marquel confront Ben about his love back home and Michelle M. absolutely loses it. "Why did you even come?" she asks. "I'm offended! I take this s–t seriously, and I feel like this, for you, has been some f–king vacation." A relatively indifferent Ben packs up his stuff and leaves Bachelor in Paradise behind.

Rose Ceremony

At the Rose Ceremony: Lacy picks Marcus, Ashlee picks Graham, Clare picks Zack, Michelle picks Marquel and Elise picks Dylan. Dylan, however, declines the rose, encouraging her to pick someone else. Elise tries to gracefully accept his refusal, giving the rose to Chris B. instead. While Dylan waits expectantly for Sarah to give him her rose, he’s stunned to watch her hand it to Robert – meaning he’s following Ben home.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

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