Bachelor in Paradise‘s finale ended with Tanner Tolbert getting down on one knee and proposing to Jade Roper.

Tanner Tolbert, Jade Roper Engaged

Tolbert and Roper were one of the last couples remaining as the season came to an end Monday night. The night prior to the final rose ceremony, the two exchanged I love yous and seemed committed to embarking on a romance post-Paradise together. At the rose ceremony, Roper gave Tolbert a boutonnière and then seemed destined for disappointment when he said he couldn’t give her a rose.

However, instead of a rose, Tolbert wanted to give Roper an engagement ring. Without a moment’s hesitation, Roper said yes.

“I’ve never felt like this for anybody,” Roper told People after the finale broadcast. “I tell Tanner all the time, what we have is very rare. It’s very special.”

“It does seem crazy and I thought there was zero chance of this,” Tolbert admitted. “But when you’re there and you spend so much time together from the get-go, three weeks is like nine months of real dating.”

"Who knew this would be my last first kiss? #BachelorInParadise," Tanner captioned a screenshot from 'BIP' on Instagram

“Who knew this would be my last first kiss? #BachelorInParadise,” Tanner captioned a screenshot from ‘BIP’ on Instagram

Helping the two develop a strong relationship in the short timespan was that they started rooming together on the third night, and from then on benefitted from some private time without producers around.

“That was my favorite part,” Roper said. “Every morning we would wake up and before the [producers] would come mic us, we would be able to be really open with each other and talk about anything. That brought us a lot closer really quickly.”

Now that their engagement is out in the open, Roper, who owns a cosmetics line, is planning on moving out to Kansas City, Mo., where Tolbert works as a finance manager. The two are also already starting to look into wedding ideas for their forthcoming nuptials.

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