After starting his Guns N’ Roses show at the O2 arena in Dublin almost an hour late, Axl Rose and his band walked off stage after a frustrated crowd pelted them with bottles and other substances. Breaking off in the middle of “Welcome to the Jungle,” Rose said, “Here is the deal. One more bottle up here and we go. We don’t want to go. Your choice," according to BBC news. After introducing more band members in the next number, more bottles were thrown, and Rose said "OK, that’s it. Good night. Have a nice evening,” before walking off stage.”

Although most of the fans left, concert promoters MCD would not let the band leave until they had finished their set. Rose and band went on stage an hour later and completed the show, for a small audience. MCD and O2 released a joint statement following the brouhaha, apologizing for the lateness but making clear that "no artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them."

Rose and his band showed late to earlier shows in both Reading and Leeds, in both cases forcing their sets to be cut off short. Though their start in Dublin was similarly inauspicious, they played on until 1 AM, finishing with favorite hit “Paradise City.” —AMY LEE

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