On Monday, a woman was arrested for dressing like a high school student and passing out fliers with her Instagram handle on them. Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 29, walked into American Senior High School in Hialeah, Florida, wearing a backpack and holding a skateboard in her hand. She also had a painting with her, all of which were meant to help her blend in, security officers said.

Francisquini entered the school around 8:30 a.m. and officers quickly took notice. She told them she was looking for the registration office but continued walking past the office and through the halls. Later, she was seen handing out fliers with her Instagram handle on them and recording a video on her phone. After security tried to stop her again, she initially refused to leave, but soon rushed out a side door and left.

Francisquini was later traced back to her North Miami Beach home, due in part because of the security footage from the school, but also because she handed out fliers with her name on them. Francisquini was arrested at her home.

Her last Instagram post said, “I legit have I don’t know how many cops outside right now of my house… I’m not going outside at all.”

Francisquini reportedly offered to show the video on her phone to officers once in custody. She faces charges of burglary, interfering at an educational institution and resisting an officer without violence. Her bail was set at $2,000.

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