A 12-year-old boy accused of making a prank phone call that sent a SWAT team to the home of Ashton Kutcher, 35, will be charged with two felony counts of computer intrusion and making fake bomb threats. He is scheduled to be arraigned in juvenile court on Friday.

Prosecutors said that in October, the boy called 911 reporting that armed men were inside Kutcher’s Los Angeles home. Heavily armed officers arrived at the scene which prompted the actor to leave the set of Two and a Half Men to make sure his home and staff were safe.

The same boy made a call a week later, reporting an emergency at a bank on Wilshire Boulevard, which also proved to be a hoax.

The practice of making such hoax calls, which often target the homes of celebrities, has become known as “swatting.” The term comes from the desire of the prankster to have heavily armed SWAT teams dispatched to their homes. Among the stars whose homes have been targeted in recent months include actor Tom Cruise, 50, and singers Justin Bieber, 18, and Chris Brown, 23.

The boy’s name has not been released because he is underage.

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