While on the red carpet for his new film Vengeance with B.J. Novak, Ashton Kutcher said he would prefer to keep his time on the hidden camera show prank show Punk’d in the past in the name of preserving his social life among his former celebrity prank victims.

Kutcher was speaking with a former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, for Extra, and they had already met because the actor made a guest appearance on her season of the long-running dating show.

When asked if he would remake Punk’d, Kutcher reminisced about having a reputation as a prankster of celebrities while he was making the show. “I would go out, and like nobody would wanna hang out, because they were like ‘I’m not messing with him.’ So I now I have friends again and it’s nice to have friends, I’ll be honest.”

Kutcher hosted and co-created Punk’d in 2003. The show was originally set to feature pranks on on regular people, but a couple pranked in a test prank at a Vegas Hotel sued Kutcher and MTV for $10 million, so it was then retooled to feature gags on celebrity guests. Other actors like Dax Shepard, and Kutcher’s director in this new film Novak, served as plants who assisted in carrying out the pranks.

Punk’d has already been rebooted several times featuring hosts such as Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper, with Kutcher remaining as executive producer of some of the series.

He and his wife Mila Kunis also recently made an appearance in the sequel series of That ’70’s Show which is titled That ’90s Show. He said that he and Kunis “went back and had fun for a week. It was so random and fun.” He praised the new show as well saying, “It’s really funny. The new cast is phenomenal.”

Here’s the video of Kutcher rejecting the Punk’d reboot pitch. Vengeance will premiere in theaters on July 29.

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