After pulling a no-show at her mandatory DUI progress report hearing Thursday morning, a Los Angeles judge has issued a warrant for Lindsay Lohan‘s arrest.

Lohan claims that someone stole her passport while she was in Cannes promoting her upcoming biopic, preventing her from flying back on time for her hearing. She attempted to get on her scheduled flight but was denied admittance without her passport.

Judge Marsha Revel, who issued the warrant, is allowing Lohan to surrender in court with bail at $100,000, if the claims that she lost her passport in Cannes are validated. Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and Michael Lohan were at the courthouse this morning. "She had a valid reason for not being here today," said Holley.

Lohan will most likely be arrested when she returns from Cannes and tries to enter the U.S. –JULIA ALKON

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