An armed man was arrested after trespassing on Windsor Castle property on Christmas Day.

The suspect has been identified as a 19-year-old man. He trespassed on the grounds outside of Windsor Castle on Saturday, while carrying what authorities say was “an offensive weapon.”

Thames Valley and Metropolitan Police officers arrived on the scene within minutes, according to a statement. They arrested him, and he is currently in custody. He had not entered any of the buildings by the time law enforcement arrested him.

“The man has been arrested on suspicion of breach or trespass of a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon,” Thames Valley Police Superintendent Rebecca Mears said in the statement. “He remains in custody at this time.” Mears added, “Members of the Royal Family have been informed about the incident.”

At the time of the incident, the royal family was inside Windsor Castle. Among those present was Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

The queen had already canceled the usual Christmas celebration this year, which takes place in Sandringham House in Norfolk, U.K., due to concerns about the omicron variant of the coronavirus. This is the second year in a row that this gathering has been canceled.

She also canceled the annual Christmastime lunch, which occurs at Buckingham Palace, also due to concerns of the omicron variant.

Britain has experienced a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, and at least one British person has died from the variant so far. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned the public of a “tidal wave of omicron,” and has urged people to get vaccinations and booster shots.

When the royal family’s Christmas festivity cancellations were announced, a source from Buckingham Palace said in a statement, “There will be family visiting Windsor over the Christmas period and all appropriate guidelines will be followed.”

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