Ariana Grande and her 93-year-old grandmother Marjorie ‘Nonna’ Grande got tattooed together.

In a video of the event, Ariana says “Nonna how’s it going?” to which her brother Frankie says: ‘Nonna’s getting a tattoo.

Ariana asks “How are you feeling?”

Her grandmother replied that she was “feeling fine,” and the singer said she’d post it to her Instagram.


But Nonna wasn’t very excited at getting the tattoo. When asked if she was, she shot back, “I feel fine… I’ve had a little bit more excitement than this.”

In the background, Ariana’s mother can be heard saying “F——g don’t embarrass her,” followed by family laughing. The jabbering doesn’t end there. After one of the male family members said getting a tattoo was like giving birth, Nonna said,  “you don’t know what pain is.” That led to Grande captioning the clip “she doesn’t feel anything.”

Nonna got the word “Ciccio” on the inside of one of her fingers. Ariana got a moon surrounded by the sun and stars on the top of her left hand.


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☀️🌙 for the woman of the year

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Mira Mariah, the tattoo artist, posted the art on Instagram before it was revealed to be for Grande. She captioned it “For the woman of the year.” That was in reference to Grande being named the Woman Of The Year at the Billboard Women In Music Awards event on Thursday night.


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✨I frkn luv u okay⭐️

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