Ariana DiLorenzo will soon be on the road and opening for Heffron Drive with her 5-piece band Ariana and the Rose. Ariana and the Rose combines DiLorenzo’s singer-songwriter sensibilities and her affection for electronic beats, a process which the musician talked about with Uinterview exclusively – in addition to how the band got the gig opening for Heffron Drive and how she got tapped to appear in a Paul McCartney music video.

DiLorenzo describes her musical style as “a hybrid of singer-songwriter melodies and lyric with electronic synths and more an electric style.” Taking inspiration from the likes of Sara Bareilles and Santigold, she’s come up with her band’s unique sound. Their latest EP, according to DiLorenzo, was her most successful attempt at the concept.

“The music has been this challenge for me to kind of reconcile how I love both of those types and how I want to make music that allows me to do both — write songs that I feel like tell stories while having dance beats on them,” DiLorenzo told Uinterview. “I think this EP is the first time I have been able to do that in a way that represents me and represents what I've been trying to do.”

When DiLorenzo was in L.A., she found out that rock group Heffron Drive had just booked their tour dates. “Some people on my team recommended me to their team as a good choice and they liked the music, so that was how that happened.”

And how did she wind up in McCartney’s “Queenie Eyes” video? “I was in Paris actually, and attending Fashion Week there and a women that I work with was producing the video,” DiLorenzo revealed. “She said to me, 'Hey, would you want to be in the new Paul McCartney video?' And I said, 'Yes. Yes, I would absolutely love that.'”

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DiLorenzo, who counts the day she met McCartney as one of the best of her life, also feels lucky that her songs are frequently picked to be remixed by other artists. “It's a really wonderful compliment when anybody wants to take the time to work on your song,” she said. “It’s wonderful that people are excited to be working on a song that you did.”

Ariana and the Rose’s newest EP will be coming out in February.

– Chelsea Regan

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