Antonio Sabàto Jr., who had one of the coveted speaking spots at the Republican National Convention, weighed in on President Barack Obama‘s faith after vacating the stage.

Antonio Sabàto Jr.

Soap star Sabàto strongly believes that the self-professed Christian Obama is actually Muslim. Sabàto came to that conclusion in part because of his own relationship to his faith, and in part because of the president’s name.

“I don’t believe that the guy is a Christian. I don’t believe he follows the God that I love and the Jesus that I love,” Sabàto told ABC News . “If you follow his story, if you read his book, if you understand about Obama — I mean, that’s not a Christian name, is it?”

“I’ve met a lot of Christians. I know Christians. I am one, and I don’t believe he is,” he added.

Not only does Sabàto think that Obama is a practicing Muslim, but also that he’s with “the bad guys.” Presumably, by bad guys, Sabàto is referring to the extremists belonging to terrorists groups like ISIS.

“I believe that he’s on the other side — the Middle East. He’s with the bad guys,” Sabàto said. “He’s with them. He’s not with us. He’s not with this country.”

When asked to clarify his statements about Obama’s religious affiliation, Sabàto maintained that he “absolutely” believed that Obama is a Muslim, adding, “That’s what I believe. And you know what? I have the right to believe that. And you have the right to go against that, but I believe it. He grew up in that world. That’s where he comes from. That’s where he grew up.”