Two-and-a-half weeks after the scandal that brought Anthony Weiner's Twitter profile under national scrutiny, the New York Democratic Representative announced on Thursday that he will resign from the House.

The announcement comes after weeks of pressure the party has put on Weiner to relinquish his position, since his morals were called into question after the married politician accidently shared a "private" tweet of his "private" parts to his entire list of Twitter followers, instead of just the intended party.

Weiner initially denied that the photograph was of him, claiming that his Twitter account had been hacked. Later, however, he admitted that he had carried on provocative sexting relationships with at least six of his young, attractive, female Twitter followers.

In the meantime, Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi have called for Weiner's resignation, and even the White House went so far as the call him "a distraction." President Barack Obama summed up his position succinctly, saying, "If I were him, I'd resign."

The announcement comes directly after Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, who is expecting a child, returned home from an overseas trip with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Now that Weiner will officially withdraw from public office, a special election in New York's 9th District will have to be held. Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to call for the election shortly.