Following the tragic death of the actress Anne Heche who died from crashing her car into a Los Angeles house, an ex-boyfriend and her 20-year-old son are now on opposite sides of an estate battle.

Heche died without a will, and control of her estate has been passed along to Homer Laffoon, 20, who is Heche’s only child with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, whom she divorced in 2009. Laffoon apparently filed the request.

However, another ex of Heche, James Tupper, who was married to the actress for most of the 2010s until 2018, claims she left him control of her estate in an email. The court ruled in favor of Laffoon earlier this month, but Tupper could still challenge it.

Tupper claimed that in the email, Heche requested that “all my assets go to the control of Mr. James Tupper to be used to raise my children,” and that her children would then have access to the estate when they reached the age of 25.

Laffoon’s request also apparently included a request for guardianship over Tupper and Heche’s son Atlas’ portion of the estate. Tupper has also argued in court that Laffoon’s youth and job status mean he shouldn’t have control of the funds.

Tupper also claimed Homer was “estranged from [Heche] at the time of her death due to his dropping out of university studies and not working to support himself.”

He also accused Homer of skipping out on grief counseling sessions with his half-brother and not communicating with their side of the family in general.

The next hearing in this situation is set for October 11.

Heche had the height of her acting fame in the 90s and has about eight projects between film and TV roles that are going to be released posthumously.

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