Anastasia Ashley, a pro-surfer and part-time model, was caught twerking on video as part of her pre-game routine, and has now gone viral.

The video of the 26-year-old Ashley was reportedly filmed last weekend during the Supergirl Pro surfing competition at the Oceanside Pier in California. Though the twerking failed to bring Ashley a victory (she was eliminated fairly early in the competition), the video has gone viral.

Ashley took to twitter to comment on the video, and appears amused at all the attention.

On Wednesday Ashley tweeted that she always listens to music to pump herself up before a competition.

In an interview with Freaksurf Magazine, Ashley said she has a particular affinity for club music that makes her want to dance:

“[I listen to] fast music that gets me pumped up to go shred, and gets me wide awake…definitely some Lady Gaga!”

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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