After it was revealed that actress, writer and director Amy Seimetz had filed an open restraining order against ex-boyfriend and director Shane Carruth, members of the film community took to  social media to side with Seimetz after she cited both mental and physical abuse as the reason for the order.

Carruth and Seimetz met on the set of Upstream Color and were in a relationship until it ended in 2018. Seimetz filed the restraining order on June 12. The restraining order became public when Carruth tweeted a photo of a record of the soundtrack for Upstream Color as part of the order was peeking out from underneath. He said, “Probably somewhere. My good friend from high school sent me this today. I didn’t have a copy myself.”

Some speculated that Carruth had done this on purpose in order to sabotage the opening of Seimetz’s new film She Dies Tomorrow which opens in drive-in theaters on July 31. 

Many in the film industry took to Twitter in order to show their support for Seimetz.

Sam Adams said, “this is sickening, made worse because Carruth seems to have made it public in an attempt to sabotage the release of Seimetz’s movie.”

Clark Collis called his followers to action, “Over the last decade, actor-writer-director Amy Seimetz has proven herself as one of our great storytelling talents both in front of the camera and behind it. Her new film She Dies Tomorrow (out Friday) is a brilliantly unnerving, horribly timely movie. Please retweet.”

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