Comedian Amy Schumer took to Instagram to document her and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch‘s unfortunate food poisoning while on vacation in Paris.


Schumer and Hanisch were on vacation in Paris during Schumer’s world tour, when she released a series of Instagram posts chronicling their bad luck.

Thanks for everything Paris! Except the food poisoning. #nooooooooooo #balmain #nyfw

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No red flags with this girl

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Pretty fired up to meet someone

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Trying to eat chicken broth post puke fest

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Hopefully the couple can recover quickly. Hanisch and Schumer confirmed their relationship on New Year’s Eve last year. Hanisch actually works outside the entertainment industry, designing and creating custom furniture.

Schumer’s next show will be Sept. 15 at the Vina Robles Ampitheatre in Paso Robles, California.

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