Amy Adams made a comment in her acceptance speech at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards Sunday night that sparked rumors that she was expecting twins.

Amy Adams Not Expecting Twins

Adams, a five-time Oscar nominee, picked up her second Golden Globe Sunday night for her performance as artist Margaret Keane in Tim Burton’s Big Eyes.  In the middle of her thank you’s, Adams said, “To Megan, at home nurturing twins in her womb,” adding,  “Sorry, it’s getting weird.”

Some assumed that the Megan to whom Adams was referring was Adams and her husband Darren Le Gallo’s surrogate, and that they were expecting twins. However, it turns out that Megan is Adams’ publicist Megan Moss Pachon, according to E! News.

In Adams’ speech, she also gave recognition to the woman she was portraying, her husband and their daughter Aviana.

“I feel so fortunate to be here, and fortunate to play Margaret Keane, a woman who had such a quiet voice and such a strong heart and such a strong artistic vision and ultimately was able to use her voice,” Adams said. “I’m lucky because I get to stand here tonight with a man who stands besides me, Darren, who would never silence my voice.”

“It’s just so wonderful that women today have such a strong voice. And I have a four and a half year old an I’m so grateful to all the women in this room,” she continued. “You speak to her [Aviana, Adams’ daughter] so loudly. She watches everything and she sees everything, and I am just so, so grateful to all of you women in this room.”


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