Guest judge DJ Khaled used his golden buzzer to send singer/songwriter contestant Chase Goehring directly to the America’s Got Talent live show during Tuesday night’s broadcast.

Goehring, who plays the guitar and writes his own songs, impressed judges Howie MandelMel BHeidi Klum, and Simon Cowell his first time on the stage with a song titled “Hurt” but his second song, “A Capella” seemed to blow the judges, including DJ Khaled, away even more.

His new song, which isn’t a capella, is about the honesty Goehring strives to convey in his songwriting.

The fast rhyming 21-year-old singer says at the end of the chorus, “Keepin’ it real, kinda like an a capella.”

The words seemed to resonate strongly with DJ Khaled, who gave the singer a standing ovation.

“I do this music thing for real … I put out a lot of hit records,” Khaled began his critique. “And let me tell you something, the lyrics are so real and authentic, like an a capella.”

“You’re on your way to be a star. This show and this stage is going to make you into a…” Khaled paused for affect. “Superstar,” said Khaled before slamming his hand down on the coveted golden buzzer.

The golden buzzer automatically sends the contestant to the live show. Each regular judge is allowed one buzzer per season and the guest judge is allowed one per show. So far, each judge has used a golden buzzer during the show’s 12th season.

Goehring did not take Khaled’s golden buzzer lightly, tweeting later, “THANK YOU @djkhaled FOR THE MOST INCREDIBLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!!!”

Goehring went up to thank Khaled in person after getting the buzzer and heard the best news of all.

“We got to work together, we got to do something together,” Khaled told him before telling the crowd to make some noise.

Watch Goehring’s performance of “A Capella” below and be sure to catch new episodes of America’s Got Talent on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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