The newest American Horror Story theme was revealed at Comic-Con on Thursday during an event for the show. The new series, titled American Horror Story: Cult, will be centered around a cult of clowns, as can be assumed from the mysterious teaser trailer that was released in conjunction with the announcement.

Series creator Ryan Murphy previously hinted that the newest season’s theme was going to be set around the 2016 Presidential election, although nothing from the title, the teaser or the Comic-Con event suggests that that’s true.

In addition to the title and the teaser, FX announced that the seventh season of AHS will premiere on September 5.

FX also unveiled a new website dedicated to the show’s latest season. New content will appear on the site and in a user’s Facebook messenger each week leading up to the week of the premiere. The first week offers a brief video of the clowns shown in the teaser as well as instructions to sign up to receive the coming content.

Other than the recent announcements, little else is known about the newest season of FX’s horror series. Some of the cast, though, has been confirmed. AHS veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will return to the show, along with Lena Dunham, who will make her debut in the series.

American Horror Story: Roanoke, the previous season, was kept under wraps – title and all – until the premiere episode. While that obviously isn’t the case for the newest season, it is unlikely the show’s creators release a full synopsis of the coming season.

The teaser, like many of AHS‘s promotions, is quite cryptic.

“Do you ever feel alone? Does it seem like no one really understands you? Do some people just make you sick?” a creepy voice-over asks while a group of clowns chant and sway.

“We can set you free. We will make you strong. We want you,” the narrator reveals.

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