The Amazon Tap, an Alex-powered speaker, has received a much needed update – now it’s able to perform at the same level as Amazon’s other Alexa devices.

The Amazon Tap was left in the dust after the arrival of the Amazon Echo family due to its inconvenience. Pushing a button proved to be more of a problem than anything, since voice-commands were the main reason Alexa devices became popular in the first place. But, that’s a thing of the past. With a new over-the-air upgrade, the Amazon Tap can now be operated hands-free.

The Amazon Tap wins against rivals such as UE Boom 2 and Bose Soundlink with its multitasking capabilities. The device is able to perform simple tasks such as reminder/alarm setting all the way to controlling your home’s functions as well. The list keeps growing! The Amazon Tap’s microphone is as precise as the Echo’s. It delivers in portability, and comes with a $20.00 carrying case called the Amazon Tap Sling.

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Amazon Tap might have won the battle, but not the war. The Amazon Tap does not compete well against its rivals as far as sound quality is concerned. Also, the battery life in the new mode does not last as long as competitors either (we’re looking at 8 hours or so).

At a glance: 

Pros: Multitasking capabilities (Thank you, Alexa). Affordability ($130.00). Portability.

Cons: Sound quality could be better, and the battery life isn’t as good compared to rival devices.

If you loved the Amazon Tap before, then this update will only make it better. The Amazon Tap is affordable, portable and provides many functions of use.

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