After it was revealed last month that the ex-child star Amanda Bynes was seeking to end the conservatorship she has been under since 2013, Bynes and her mother have now agreed that she is capable of taking care of herself, and it has been officially ended as of yesterday.

Bynes’ lawyer, David Esquifabas revealed that he has filed to end the conservatorship on her behalf at the end of February and that her parents approved of the termination. “Amanda’s conservatorship was a collaborative effort with her parents. There was no fighting between her and her mother or father. Everyone was working together, including Amada,” Esquifabas said.

After retiring indefinitely from acting in 2010, Bynes made headlines for several years due to various legal troubles and substance issues. Her parents requested the conservatorship after she was hospitalized following an alleged attempt to set a fire in a stranger’s driveway.

In 2018, Bynes sat down with an interview for Paper magazine where she discussed being a huge paparazzi target during the height of her career in the 2000s and said she had been sober for four years with the help of her parents. She also revealed that she abused the drug Adderall the most, and it led to erratic behavior on some of her final film roles before retirement.

In a new Instagram account she recently created, Bynes shared a screenshot of the news and celebrated by writing a sweet but not exactly grammatically-sound caption, “I’m a bird that now I can fly!”

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