Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, is expected to be charged with the murder of an ex-co-worker, who was beheaded, and the attack of another, in an Oklahoma court on Monday.

Alton Nolen Allegedly Beheaded Co-Worker

Nolen is suspected of attacking and killing Colleen Hufford, 54, at a Vaughan Foods processing plant in Oklahoma after he was fired from the plant. Nolen allegedly beheaded Hufford with a knife before turning his anger on Traci Johnson, 43, attacking her with the knife before CEO Mark Vaughan, a reserve deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, shot and apprehended Nolen. Johnson is currently hospitalized and is reportedly in stable condition.

Nolen, who is also in a hospital, receiving treatment for his gunshot wounds, reportedly told officers that he was unhappy at work, and had been especially disappointed when he didn’t get a raise this past year. It is unclear whether or not he maintains his innocence in this case.

A convicted felon, Nolen was last arrested in 2011 and convicted on charges of drugs, resisting arrest and escape. His Facebook page, on which he went by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael, indicates that he recently converted to Islam, and got in trouble with his employer for attempting to convert co-workers. There is no evidence that Nolen planned any sort of attack or the beheading, and law enforcement officials do not believe he expressed any sympathy towards terrorist group ISIS.

Nolen frequented an Oklahoma City mosque, and now community leaders are worried about possible retaliation. “It’s very unfortunate that this thing happened because people are going to look at this and draw parallels between it and what happens overseas. As Muslims, our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and we strongly condemn this violence,” said Adam Solanti, the executive director Council on American Islamic Relations’ Oklahoma chapter.

Nolen's Family Apologizes

Nolen’s mother, Joyce Nolen and one of his sisters, Megan Nolen, appeared in a video message posted on Facebook, and apologized to the victims and their families. “His family, our hearts bleed right now because of what they saying Alton has done. I want to apologize to both families because this is not Alton,” Joyce Nolen said.

“We’re praying for both of the victims’ families and the victims,” Megan added.

Paige Nolen, another sister, said her family was “very remorseful,” adding, “If he [Nolen] had a chance to say anything, more than likely he would be apologizing, and that’s what we want the world to know.”

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