Alexandra Canosa, a producer on the hit Netflix show Marco Polo, has come out as another one of Harvey Weinstein‘s victims. She filed a lawsuit against him on Monday.


Canosa alleges Weinstein threatened to destroy her career and embarrass her if she did not comply with his unwanted advances, adding that he has assaulted her physically and verbally since 2010. “Harvey Weinstein created an environment in which there was no choice but to do his bidding or suffer dire consequences both physically and to the plaintiff’s career,” according to her lawsuit. Moreover, she also lists several board members of The Weinstein Company in her suit for being complicit in Weinstein’s conduct.

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She counts 11 troubling instances concerning Weinstein, including rape and abuse, that occurred across numerous hotels throughout those years. The most recent incident happened in September 2017, coincidentally less than a month prior to when the initial reports of Weinstein’s crimes went public.

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In a correspondence with Variety, Weinstein’s lawyer, Phyllis Kupferstein, insists the relationship between the two parties was consensual, writing, “Ali Canosa was a friend who had worked for The Weinstein Company for 10 years, traveled the world for the company and held several influential roles; overseeing many projects throughout the years. From someone who has been thought of as a good friend, involved only in a consensual relationship, these claims are not only mystifying to Mr. Weinstein, but deeply upsetting, and they are not supported by the facts.”

Presently, Weinstein has been accused of misconduct by over 70 women. Ashley Judd was the most recent woman to file a lawsuit prior to Canosa.

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