Melania Trump is selling 3,000 NFTs at $150 a pop for a 3D animated picture of a rose inspired by a series of photographs she took. Proceeds from “The MetaRose” will benefit foster kids through her Fostering the Future initiative.

“Many children, including those in the foster care community, need extra support to realize their personal American Dream. Through the sale of The MetaRose, we can lift up foster children and provide opportunities for them to thrive,” said Melania Trump.

As usual, the NFTs can only be purchased with cryptocurrency. Melania hasn’t specified how much of the proceeds will actually go to Fostering the Future and how much she’s pocketing for herself.

In February, it was reported that Fostering the Future wasn’t a registered charity in Florida after the ex-FLOTUS announced a $3,000 to $50,000 per ticket “high tea” fundraiser for the mysterious organization.

The report prompted the Florida agency that oversees charitable fund-raising to open an inquiry. Melania issued an angry statement afterward accusing reporters of being “literally dream killers” for ”trying to cancel me.” The high tea was later postponed.

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