What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … unless you're a member of the British royal family and third in line to the throne, Prince Harry, 27, in which case what happens in Las Vegas gets plastered all over the Internet, especially if photos happen to be shot of you in the nude, horsing around with friends while playing strip billiards in your VIP suite and, by the looks of it, losing.

The grainy mobile photos, which were published by TMZ, show Prince Harry, or someone who bears a striking resemblance to him, in two indiscreet poses with other nude members of his party, both apparently female, shot from the front and back to show different sides of the good prince's anatomy. In the front shot, Harry was lucky enough to have been covering his private parts but, unfortunately, his is the only face that can be seen, at least in one of the photos.

While the pics by themselves are not clear enough to rule out the possibility that the images are of a Prince Harry lookalike, the U.K.'s Guardian reports that Clarence House, the official residence and household for Harry, confirmed that the pictures are real. At the same time, royal aids have requested that the British media refrain from publishing them out of respect for Harry, who might not have consented to them, as he is not looking at the photographer in either photo.

This Las Vegas trip for Harry is sure to be memorable, as he also challenged U.S. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte to a backstroke competition two nights ago and hung out poolside, chatting up ladies at a celebration hosted by Jennifer Lopez at the MGM Grand earlier that day.

Check out the photos here.


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