J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series who has been receiving extensive backlash after multiple transphobic remarks, is criticizing trans-rights supporters for attacking a British anti-trans rights activist, KellieJay Keen Minshull, also known as Posie Parker.

Parker was in Auckland, New Zealand, on Saturday as a part of her controversial Let Women Speak tour when she was met by over 2000 pro-trans counter-protesters, which is said to have substantially outnumbered her supporters. The protests grew chaotic when trans-rights activists doused her in tomato juice.


Parker was rushed off by the police before she was able to make her speech, fleeing from the heckles and boos of the protesters. As a result, she canceled an event in Wellington and left New Zealand.

Rowling took to Twitter to defend Parker against the attacks in a series of tweets calling the protestors a “mob” and the attack “repellent.”

Other supporters of Parker include white supremacist groups who attended an earlier event in Melbourne, Australia and made Nazi salutes at transgender rights supporters. Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF), a Melbourne-based anti-fascism and anti-racism coalition of activists, took to Facebook to condemn Parker for “trying to build links between these far-right forces and broader anti-trans activists around the world.” They urged activists to attend the event to protest Parker’s tour and “make it clear that Melbourne is an anti-fascist, anti-sexist and pro-LGBTI town.”

“The growing confidence of the far-right internationally, and their use of transphobia and sexism to recruit to their ranks and as crucial issues they fight for must be opposed,” read the CARF Facebook post.

In a separate Facebook post, CARF commemorated the New Zealand protestors who attended “to smash the anti-trans far right,” calling it a “really big victory for trans rights and anti-fascism more broadly.”

Parker, on the other hand, took to Twitter to condemn the trans activists as “terrorists” and their actions “anti-women terrorism,” and is criticizing New Zealand’s prime minister and police failure to investigate and prosecute those who stood against her.

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