One of the most infamous couples from the whole run of 90 Day Fiancé, Mark Shoemaker, 64, and Nikki Mediano Shoemaker, 25, divorced early this March. It was Mark who apparently filed for the divorce.

Mark and Nikki met on the show when she was 19 and he was 58, making their age gap about 39 years and one of the largest on the show. Mark met his first wife in the 1980s in Cebu City, Philippines, and moved her to America, and later met Nikki on a dating site and realized she was from the very same place.

Mark’s treatment of Nikki quickly turned 90 Day Fiancé fans against him. There were bizarre moments including his berating her for leaving fingerprints on his car windows, proposing to her with a zip tie and more serious ones like making her sign a prenup and threatening that she would get sent back to the Philippines if she didn’t comply. Nikki also didn’t fit in well with Mark’s family in Maryland at first, who noted that she was two years younger than his youngest child.

The two married in 2015, and Mark hit TLC and 90 Day Fiancé production company Sharp Entertainment with a lawsuit in 2017 over his portrayal on the show. The lawsuit was later dropped, likely due to Mark and Nikki having signed contracts with TLC before appearing on the show.

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