Bristol Palin‘s upcoming role in ABC Family’s Secret Life of an American Teenager made us think about all those single moms out there making it work for the good of their kids. So we decided to pay homage to all the celebrity single mamas out there – not only do they have to raise their kids solo – they are doing it with grace in the harsh spotlight. Okay, so maybe they get a little help from their au pairs, but still, it’s a tough job. Below, we rank the most graceful of all Hollywood moms. –ELENA COX

1. Halle Berry
Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry has proven time and time again the bad things happen to good people, well at least in the relationship department. With two divorces under her belt, Berry had a baby, Nahla, in 2008 with her then boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, but the two recently split up in April. The Bond girl has been spotted around Hollywood totting around the little cutie, and tops our list of favorite celeb moms. "This is the most beautiful time of my life," Berry said. "Having a baby has made me so happy and fulfilled, I just can’t express in words how I really feel."

2. Sandra Bullock
After her very public divorce from badass Jesse James, Bullock revealed another shocking secret, that she had adopted a son, Louis Bardo Bullock, back in January. While James and Bullock had begun the adoption process together, Bullock now holds sole custody due to the recent divorce agreement.

3. Michelle Williams
Nearly two and a half years since the death of Heath Ledger, father of their baby Matilda, the Brokeback Mountain actress is still going strong. William has been hailed for her strength and her attempts to give Matilda a childhood that is as normal as possible given her parents’ fame.

4. Reese Witherspoon
The third Academy Award winning actress on our list, Reese is mother to two children, Ava and Deacon, from her marriage to her Cruel Intentions co-star, Ryan Phillippe. The couple officially divorced in September 2007 and Witherspoon requested that no spousal support be paid by Phillippe, which he did not contest. Though the two have joint custody, Reese is usually spotted with her brood doing normal mom things, like playing sports and shopping.

5. Kimora Lee Simmons
Former wife of music and fashion mogul, Russell Simmons, Kimora had two children with Simmons when the couple officially split in 2008, though they said they had actually split some time before. The Baby Phat founder is currently with actor Dijimon Hounsou, whom she had a commitment ceremony with, though they are not legally married. The two have a son together, Kenzo Lee.

6. Mary-Louise Parker
Actress Mary-Louise Parker is famous for playing a pot dealing, hot mama on Showtime’s hit Weeds, and while she doesn’t deal pot in real life – she is a skillful mother of two. Parker has a son and daughter, William Atticus Parker, whose father is actor Billy Crudup, and Caroline "Ash" Aberash Parker, whom she adopted from Ethiopia in 2007.

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