It was announced this week that the 2017 reboot of the animated series Ducktales would end after its third season. The news came after it was revealed that Disney had not renewed the show for a fourth season. The information was revealed to the public a few days before the news was made official. Many fans were shocked by this revelation as Ducktales was one of the most popular animated shows on Disney, and it seemed like they were setting up their own franchise with other spin-offs in the works.

Ducktales stars David Tennant as the main character Scrooge McDuck, replacing the late Alan Young. Alongside his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie (Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynihan), Scrooge goes on adventures throughout the world in search of history’s greatest treasures. However, unlike the original series from 1987, 2017’s Ducktales focuses more on the relationships between Scrooge, his nephews, the skilled child Webby Vanderquack (Kate Micucci) and Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo), who has been added to the main cast.

It is unfortunate that the series is ending after three seasons, but it is not too difficult to see why. The series premiered on Disney XD, which is a channel that mainly airs shows that are no longer in production. Ducktales would go to the main Disney Channel during season 2 before being put back on Disney XD. Because of the channel it aired on, the series failed to get the audience it needed to get a fourth season. Before the show was announced to be ending, it was revealed that Seth Rogen was developing a Darkwing Duck reboot on the Disney+ streaming service. It is unknown if it will follow the same continuity as Ducktales, especially since the the latter is being canceled and none of the writers from that show are said to be working on this reboot.

The final ten episodes of Ducktales will air sometime in 2021 on Disney XD.

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