On Monday, the final episode of the 2017 animated reboot of Ducktales aired on television. The reboot was created by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones and is based off the comic book series from 1952 “Uncle Scrooge” by Carl Barks and the original Ducktales show from 1987 created by Jymm Magon. After the series premiered on August 12, 2017, it was a massive hit, with critics and fans even calling it better than the original show. Many people praised the modern environment, updated characters, comic book-inspired animation and voice performances, particularly towards David Tennant as the lead character Scrooge McDuck and Kate Micucci as the character of Webby Vanderquack. Many fans also appreciated the inclusion of classic Disney icon Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo), who was only an extremely minor character in the original series.

Despite receiving praise from critics and fans alike, the 2017 reboot of Ducktales suffered from poor ratings, mainly due to the fact that Disney chose to air the show on the channel DisneyXD, a secondary network for the main Disney Channel. Despite the show moving to Disney Channel during the second season and its ratings improving as a result, the series was once again placed on DisneyXD for its third season, which caused the ratings to plummet once again.

The series was canceled on December 2, 2020, with Angones confirming the news on social media as a joint statement with Youngberg. “We’ve always said that you have to go into every season of a show as if it’s your last, leave nothing on the table, and have faith that your team will eventually be able to top it,” they said. “With that in mind, we crafted Season 3 of DuckTales as one focused on Legacy, on the future of the Duck Family, and what that means, tying into questions and mysteries that were set up way back in the very first episode of our show. So ultimately, we were prepared for this season to be our last. Our team is so proud to be a part of the continuing legacy of these characters. Even more so, we’re proud of the community that this show has given us, from our dear friends on the crew and cast, to all the fans we’ve met both in person and online who share the same love that we have for these incredible characters. We’re sure we’ll have much more to say later, but right now we want to thank you for all your kind words and support throughout this whole adventure, and focus on delivering a fittingly epic adventure for Clan McDuck as the series draws to a close. Because at the end of the day, we’re all fans. And we’re all family. And family is the greatest adventure of all. Huh That’s weird. Usually, there’s some sort of crash before we can finish the— OH NO THE GROUND!!!! Woo-oo, Matt and Frank.”

With Ducktales airing its final episode titled “The Last Adventure,” the entire third and final season is expected to be released on the Disney+ streaming service soon.

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