Survivor’s 28th season kicked off on Wednesday, splitting the latest group of contestants into three groups based off what they believe is their most useful quality – brawn, brains or beauty.

Survivor Recap

Once the group is divided into their tribes, host Jeff Probst instructs each of the three to elect a leader. Since they don’t know anything about their team members yet, the tribes have to choose their leader on good faith. In the end, the brawns pick police officer Sarah Lacina, the brains pick Miami Marlins president David Samson and the beauties select horse trainer LJ McKanas. The first task the leaders face is choosing whom they think is the weakest on their team.

Brains, Brawn & Beauty Pick Weakest Links

David, thinking more about who is his biggest competition rather than who is actually the weekest, picks pro poker player Garrett Adelstein. After his chopper ride to the camp, Garrett is faced with the decision of either taking a second bag of rice for the brains tribe or getting a clue for uncovering the hidden immunity idol. Since Garrett is brimming with bitterness for being dubbed the weakest, he goes for the immunity idol. Without too much struggle, he captures the prize.

Garrett, deciding not to let his teammates in on the choice he made, claims his dip into the water to retrieve the idol was just him getting them some fresh water. He’s not displaying any kind of bitterness, which indicates he’ll likely be someone to build trust before breaking it.

When it comes to building the shelter, nuclear engineer J’Tia Taylor decides she’s the best person to oversee its construction. As she bosses her teammates around from the sidelines, she’s breeding a significant amount of bad will. Increasing their animosity towards her is the realization that her structure doesn’t even hold up.

Brawns captain Sarah decides that Trish Hegarty – the oldest and least muscled of the bunch – is the weakest. Unlike Garrett, the single mom and Pilates trainer decides to take the second bag of ride for her team. The gesture is much appreciated by everyone.

While Trish is winning her team’s approval, Tony Vlachos is fostering suspicion. Sarah, who calls him out as a fellow cop almost immediately, knows he’s lying when he spins a tale about being in construction. Someone who can’t lie about his profession, former NBA player Cliff Robinson, is winning his team’s approval for his sheer size.

LJ determines that former pro cheerleader Morgan McLeon is the weakest – mostly because she’s “hot” and the other two girls are merely “cute.” Feeling dissed, Morgan takes the immunity idol clue instead of the rice, but doesn’t come close to locating it.

Morgan lies to her team, telling them she picked supplies ( the ones already allotted to them) over items for her own personal comfort. While most of her team buys her story, LJ is wary.

So far, male model Jeremiah Wood, who manages to start a fire without flint, looks like the most capable of the bunch.

First Immunity Challenge/ Tribal Council

For the first immunity challenge of the season, the three tribes have to compete in an obstacle course while pushing a cart. There’s a lot of assembling, and disassembling of the cart involved, as well as retrieving keys and chests, and conquering a barrier. At the end of the course, the teams have to complete a puzzle. The Brains struggle so much in the early portion of the contest that they can’t catch up to the Beauties and the Brawns in the puzzle portion and are headed to the Tribal Council. After some campaigning by J’Tai, the brains send “leader” David home.

Second Immunity Challenge/ Tribal Council

After some more teambuilding and private plotting for the Brains, Beauty and Brawn teams, it’s time for the second Immunity Challenge. The second challenge involves swimming out to a bamboo cage, retrieving fish traps and transporting them to the beach. Once on the sand, the teams have to put together another puzzle. When the brains are the first to get to the puzzle, it looks like they’ll win immunity this time. But due to J’Tia’s slow puzzling, both Brawn and Beauty are able to surpass them. In a shocking move, the Brains vote out Garrett instead of J’Tia, who also threw their rice in the fire. Without his immunity idol on hand, Garrett is out.

Survivor airs Wednesday on CBS at 8/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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