Wentworth Miller has a Gemini sun sign indicating that he is a seeker, who distributes ideas and concepts, knowledge and thought. So being an actor is a very typical career for Gemini, with its requirements of learning lines and using communication as a tool for storytelling.

Alongside his sun Wentworth has both Saturn and Mercury close by and Saturn/Sun is a very challenging aspect to have. He might well experience a need for hard work and limiting responsibility or the weight of the world on his shoulders. It is interesting to see how he talks about depression troubling him his whole life, since he has Sun/Saturn/Mercury (Mercury rules the mind) and all three planets in Gemini (Gemini is the sign of the mind), so Saturn limits and restricts his thinking, bringing challenges. His way out of this is through his nicely placed Moon in Aquarius, which makes harmonising alignments to the planets in Gemini, and so to see him becoming Ambassador for the mental health charity ‘Active Minds’ is perfectly fulfilling the Moon in Aquarius, as Aquarian planets often indicate humanitarian and charitable causes.

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