Tom Hanks is a Cancerian Sun sign who are known for their focus on family and nurturing, as well as sentimentality and the past. This position of the sun helps to enhance his acting ability and also indicates his careful choice of roles. Not only that but his birthday is close enough to the USA’s birthday that he can identify with the heart of American culture, this sensitive perception of his home country makes him one of Hollywood’s most established stars. However this year, and particularly over the next few months, Tom is undergoing a powerful transformation as regenerative and empowering Pluto opposes his natal Sun.

Tom is quite possibly challenged by how much his country is changing in politics and he probably feels he absolutely has to do something about it. It is very possible that Tom might use his powerful influence (as in, he is loved by all) to stand for some sort of justice and fairness. It’s a process that, at the moment is happening deep within, in his emotional needs. But with his chart all pointing towards a charmed public life, he might well enter politics himself in the not too distant future as a new kind of hero, a man who cares.

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