Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius sun sign known for their honesty, enthusiasm, optimism and blatant expression of the truth. They can also be tactless and not know when to stop. Taylor’s natal chart reveals a concentration of planets in practical and hardworking Capricorn and also in emotional and reactionary sensitive Cancer the crab. This Capricorn/Cancer axis makes her very ambitious and is clearly what has helped push her to the top. However the axis also affects her relationships and it is noticeable how all her boyfriends and partners are also from the entertainments industry (it appears she is drawn towards the people she gets to work with). For her to be truly happy with a relationship, then she would do well to choose a ‘nobody’, someone without fame and status, who would be happy at home whilst she went out and pursued her career. Now that Saturn is moving into Capricorn, she will be able to look at herself seriously and reflect on what she needs out of a relationship, as this paradox is clearly indicated in her horoscope. She is approaching her Saturn return, a time when she will evaluate much about what she achieved to date, and what she would like to plan out next. Saturn is the planet of what we are most afraid of (and it takes a lifetime to get self-mastery of it) as well it is the planet of commitment and duty. She will no doubt stay dutiful to the image and fan base she has created, but she might at last realize there’s a lot of personal self-sacrifice she has had to endure as a result.

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