Shailene Woodley is a Scorpio Sun sign, known for their intensity and depth of emotional power. She was born with a rare conjunction of the two ruling planets of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto with her Sun. This affords her a serious amount of personal power in this lifetime – when she aims her willpower toward something, it is likely to manifest. She would’ve learned a big lesson about this in 2014/2015 (but is probably keeping it a secret, because Scorpio’s are very good at that too). Having already made a big impact in the world of television, she now just has to maintain her position and keep building on her experience. She has several very nicely placed planets to help her achieve that, namely charming Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius. Her biggest challenge over the next two years is Neptune squaring her natal Mercury, this is likely to result in deception and confusion in her communications, but at the same time, it will help her film career immensely.

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