As a Scorpio Sun sign, one of Ryan Gosling’s greatest skills is in keeping secrets; as he observes and interacts he is unlikely to give much away but happiest probing to the depths for the eventual answer. Passionate loyalty is what he expects from others, and this is helped along with several planets in the sign of Libra, indicating the importance of fairness and good balance in his life.

One of his biggest challenges though is his Moon in Capricorn, which is the most difficult place for the moon, and tending to make his reaction and responses to the world around him quite structured, controlled and ambitious. He is building up his way in the world, but very soon Pluto the planet of ultimate transformation is to conjunct his Moon, and this will most certainly make a very big change in his life that at its essence will be about his feelings and emotions. From looking at his chart, there is a strong possibility that fatherhood and the family will soon rule the roost and take priority.

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