Rihanna at a great turning point in her life and career, as the planet Saturn, known for its realism and commitment to work and responsibility has been affecting her since the end of 2017.
She has just had her Saturn return, which happens to everyone at 29 years old.

Saturn is about long term commitment, work and responsibility. In its first cycle of aged 0-29, its represents as the thing that [we] are most fearful of; from age 29-58, its about gaining personal self-mastery of that fear, and establishing oneself by “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”.

So in Rihannas natal chart, Saturn is in the 9th house of travelling,so for her, theres a long term goal of living abroad. her move from Barbados to the USA was in her first cycle, but now she has gained global celebrity status, and millions of dollars to match that, the world is her oyster, so to speak.

So in 2018 she might well be testing out places to visit, with a view to moving to the right place.

This is further backed up by more Saturn transits in 2019 to her natal Moon and Venus in Aries (self-reliance), which will also in 2019 be getting an expansive and opportunistic boost from Jupiter, the planet of luck.

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