Lorde was born under a Scorpio sun sign and Scorpios are renowned for their strong will and self-containment. Scorpio is a water element of fixed, intense emotion which tends to make them get ‘totally involved’ into something, such as music. Lorde is already known for applying her deep emotional resources into her music and is subtle as well as intense in her lyric writing.

People might ask how she got to be so famous so quickly, globally recognized at aged 17? The answer lies in her very lucky astrology: at the moment of her birth the planet Jupiter (known as the Greater Benefic) was exactly on her ascendant, and as well as that the brilliantly lucky star of Vega in the constellation of Capricorn was also with Jupiter, a celestial blessing indeed.

We can expect a lot more powerful music from Lorde as she probes into the depths of her creativity and also, maybe one or two dramatic situations in the pipeline as transiting Jupiter conjuncts her Sun and Mercury in Scorpio now and through to June and July in 2018 (in terms of drama, this is her current Melodrama world tour, which is ongoing).

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