LeBron James is a Capricorn Sun sign, known for their patience and ability to climb slowly and deliberately, establishing them so that they become the authority in their chosen field. Capricorns are also reliable, self-disciplined and dedicated. In his natal horoscope he also has the Moon in Aries which is very self-reliant and self-motivating, and he has Mars, planet of competition at the top of his chart (called the ‘Midheaven’) which clearly indicates how his focused ambition for Basketball has seen him become the ultimate power player, honored for his input and leadership in the game.

In 2018, LeBron has some challenging Saturn transits to work through and will most likely have a contest over a business partner of some kind, because he needs to be the one in control, and he might find that a partner is trying to dominate him. This could also affect his standing within his team and the rest of his group, causing him to feel a bit distanced. But if he was to look back previous years in which Saturn has challenged him (2010/11; 2003/4) he will see that he has always been the winner and comes out on top.

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