Kylie Jenner is a proud and dramatic Leo Sun sign, known for their enthusiasm, broad-mindedness & extravagance. Kylie’s Sun is in the eighth house of her chart, which is interesting because that is the area to do with delving into deep psychological processes and also an interest in transformation and being aware of the truth behind the façade. In astrology, the position of the Sun in the horoscope is considered a source of information about the father, so to see this is very interesting in terms of her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner. There are several other indications in her chart that indicate that as the youngest of his children, she is the most supportive to her father and his personal journey.

Looking at her current transits she has diffuse and deceiving Neptune making its slow opposition to her mercury, the planet of ideas and decisions. As it’s an opposition she might find that a lot of her thinking is clouded and unclear over the last year or so, and although Neptune is a planet of glamour, she might find that her spark of originality is somewhat dampened, and she might well be taking ideas from wherever she can get them. She would do well to also avoid too much alcohol and other recreational substances at this time as Neptune in opposition to a natal planet can really cause cloudiness and delusion;

however, on the good side, Jupiter is soon to conjunct her Mars in Libra, and this could boost and balance out her motivation, especially within a partnership.

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