Khole Kardashian is a Cancer Sun sign, known for their emotional intuition and strong sense of personal achievement. With three planets in Cancer (Sun, Venus and Mercury) she loves familiarity and would dislike confrontation and emotional quagmires. At heart, she has a lot of kindness and caring qualities and with those planets in the fifth house of her chart, she would make a good mother too. Planets in the 5th (in Cancer the crab) also indicate how much fun she has with her extended family, and the planet Uranus on her midheaven career point, indicates how she would have been a key player in making them ‘reality show’ stars. With the planet Saturn currently opposing her moon in Gemini, living in Cleveland, Ohio might not be want she actually wants, and the Saturn transit might well pull her back to her home city of Los Angeles before too long. Meanwhile Jupiter will soon be entering her 9th house of her chart from September 2017-September 2018, this will make her quite possibly want to return to the X-factor as a judge again, and also possibilities for publishing her life story so far.

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