Justin Bieber is a Sun sign Pisces, known for their creative energy to be expressed sensitively and inspirationally. They are also known for their compassionate, giving nature and strong sense of empathy; overall they radiate a healing spirit toward all of those that suffer. As well as his Sun in Pisces, he also has Venus and Saturn n Pisces. But what is it that has made him so globally huge and popular? His Venus in Pisces gives him an aura of magical and romantic harmony (and attracts the passions of so many teenage girls), but also his desires can be unfocussed and vague, along with a natural tendency for escapism and evasion gives him plenty of mass appeal.

He has the moon in Libra, which is eager to please and see the other’s point of view, as well as reacting graciously and with thoughtful fairness. His ability to break so many records in the music industry is most likely due to his Mars & Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, in a testing square to his Nodal Axis, to which Pluto is conjunct. This is a very powerful combination, and is the key to his phenomenal success. Putting his singing onto YouTube in 2008 changed his destiny forever.

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