Jennifer Lopez is a classic Leo sun sign, out to impress, naturally radiant and emanating her powerful self in a creative fashion. Leo’s tend to have a flair for dramatization and positively flourish when centre stage. Working very well with her Leo sun is her Mars in Sagittarius (the two planets are in a harmonious flowing trine aspect). For a woman, this alignment strengthens her animus (her unconscious male personality) and it shows in her vitality, self-confidence and willpower. She can function at high energy levels and enjoys the challenge of a difficult task. She also has Mercury trining Mars which gives her practical and positive approach to life.

Jennifer also has Saturn squaring her Sun which makes her constantly ambitious and prepared to get over all the delays and holdbacks that life can throw at her.

She might also find her relationships get deep emotional entanglements due to social Venus in Gemini squaring her Pluto. Venus in Gemini love to hear chit-chat and words (they fall in love with a good talker), but the Pluto influence tends to make it hard to control her passions, and upsets and upheavals happen in both her personal and professional life.

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