JAY-Z is an enthusiastic Sagittarius sun sign, known for their upbeat approach to life with breadth of vision, although often finding the details boring. Jay-Z is particularly good at relationships as he has his Moon in fair and balanced Libra, which is why his long term marriage to Beyoncé continues. His other personal planets are found at the base of his chart, which indicates he is quite home based, and a quiet private life is very important to him. However with Jupiter currently in Scorpio, in 2018 and into 2019, he might well want to move house or buy other dwellings. His natal Jupiter is in the 2nd house of his chart which indicates his huge financial success. If he was to talk to an astrologer, he would discover that erratic and unconventional planet Uranus will be conjuncting his natal Saturn in 2018/2019. This could cause all sorts of upheavals for him, particularly financial ones. Also Neptune planet of dreams and fantasies is currently squaring his Sun in Sagittarius. Keeping up with daily routines might be quite a challenge, especially when a young family has a lot of demands on his rock’n’roll lifestyle.

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